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GCW Real Estate Services specializes in helping businesses interpret Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) requirements and providing compliant solutions. Whether you are considering a remodel of your facility or are out of compliance due to recent code changes, we guarantee our solution will meet guidelines and potentially save you money.

GCW Real Estate Services removes the worry about complex codes or potential lawsuits and fines.  Our thorough approach to inspections and solutions means you can focus on meeting the needs of your customers.  We work side-by-side with architects, civil engineers, draftsmen, building inspectors and contractors to identify and resolve access issues at your site.
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Types of Business We Serve

  • Property Owners
  • Business Owners
  • Property Managers
  • Attorneys
  • Hotels, Motels & Resorts
  • Restaurants, Bars & Banquet Facilities
  • Shopping Centers, Retail Stores
  • Office Buildings
  • Apartment Complexes
  • Educational Facilities
  • All Places of Public Accommodation

We Solving Problems. Providing Answers.

Under the ADA, providing accessibility is usually not a one time effort. Based upon what is "readily achievable", the law requires owners of public accommodations to improve accessibility over time as funds are available.The law is over 20 years old, and some owners have yet to assess their facilities. Moreover, as owners have moved past an initial assessment stage, they are faced with practical issues of making their facilities accessible.

The New 2010 Standards for Accessibility is now fully enforceable effective 3/15/12.  It replace the 1991 Standards with “Old ADAAG” technical standards dated July 1, 1994. Elements compliant with the old Standard remain in compliance as a "safe harbor" until such time as the element is renovated.   Contact us  for more information, which will affect your projects.

Accessibility is one of many parts of due diligence performed when purchasing or refinancing a building. Poor accessibility decreases the value of a building.

Your business has had a complaint filed against you for non-compliance with the ADA or FHA. In some states, such as Minnesota, there can be significant penalties beyond the ADA, such as Minnesota's $4,000 per occurrence per day.
The ADA requires public entities to make their programs accessible, which includes facility accessibility.

Multi-unit housing falls under HUD’s  Fair Housing Act  as amended in 1988, which has complex requirements for accessibility for all buildings of four or more unit built for first occupancy after March 13, 1991.

New buildings must be accessible under ADA, FHA & Building Code. Architects and other design professionals, who often are not fully knowledgeable about the complexities of the laws, should consider an Accessibility Design Review of their preliminary drawings and construction documents, to reduce liability.
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What's Different about Us?

  • Return phone calls and emails promptly.
  • Tailor our services to our customers' needs and budget.
  • Provide fast and complete written estimates.
  • Schedule timely, meticulous site surveys.
  • Deliver reports that are thorough and easy to understand.
  • Use our extensive construction experience to provide the most economical solutions.
  • Good communication during the entire process & available to answer questions.
  • We have a sense of urgency in solving our client's problems.
  • We are not satisfied unless the client's expectations are exceeded.


Pricing depends on the scope of the survey, location of the property and the services requested.  I like to tailor my services to the client's needs and budget. I can advise what's needed and then quickly get an estimate out.Services include:

• Pre-Evaluation Walkthrough
• ADA Site Surveys
• ADA Reports
- - Preliminary Report
• ADA Compliance Planning 
• Architectural Designs
• Broker Services
- - Pre-lease and pre-sale evaluations
• Architectural Plan Reviews
• Construction Site Services
- - Employee training sessions
- - Site inspections during construction
- - Post construction reviews
• Lawsuit Consultation
- - Early Evaluation Conference (EEC) Consultation
- - Expert witness