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What type of commercial buildings do you inspect?

GCW Real Estate Services inspects all types of commercial real estate located anywhere within the United States, We provide property condition assessments (PCA) for warehouses, manufacture plants, auto dealerships, office complexes such as high-rise, restaurants, multi-tenant, hotel, motel, resorts, luxury, retail such as malls, strips, big box, multifamily including apartments, light industrial, nursing home, places of worship, including any large or small structure.

What is the scope of a commercial inspection?

We use the industry standard ASTM 2018-18 as a baseline. The scope describes the areas, components, and systems that are included in your commercial inspection. You will decide on the scope, based on your needs and expectations. The scope will be included in the written proposal that we agree to. The scope of the inspection will also dictate the cost. The inspection is not technically exhaustive.

How much does the GCW Real Estate Services inspection cost?

It depends on the level of inspection you need. Each commercial inspection is tailored to suit your needs, therefore pricing varies. Let's talk and you tell us what you are looking for and how fast you need it and we can provide a proposal promptly. If you'd prefer fill out the inspection request or
contact form. We provide free estimates!

Will you fix the issues you find during the Inspection?

No, GCW Real Estate Services does not offer any repair work on properties inspected. This is for your benefit as it assures that there will never be a conflict of interest by the inspector. GCW Real Estate Services inspections purpose is to provide an unbiased, objective third party report on the condition of the property at the time of the inspection.

When will you receive the inspection report?

Depending on the scope or size of the inspection reports are emailed within 24 hours of the inspection. Some inspections such as a large office building may take a few days to inspect and a few days to generate all reports.

What types of payment do you accept and when is payment due?

We accept all major credit cards, cash, or checks. Payment is due at time of inspection. Larger commercial inspections require a deposit which can range from 25%-50%.